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A podcast about faith, work, theology, and economics

August 8, 2017

Episode 9 - Dead Man Working, Part II: The Girlfriend Effect


In this episode, we continue our exploration of some of the secular critiques of corporatised work as articulated in the book Dead Man Working by Carl Cederstrom and Peter Fleming. In particular, we examine the emergence of "emotional labour" and the phenomenon of the "girlfriend effect" to which it has given rise: the phoney reality of work-as-life that consumes the whole of our humanity, creating a fake identity which we can no longer distinguish from who we really are.


Cederstrom, Carl and Fleming, Peter, Dead Man Working. Alresford; Zero Books, 2012. 

July 29, 2017

Episode 8 - Dead Man Working, Part I: The World of the Living Dead


In this episode, we begin a new series exploring some contemporary critiques of work based on the book Dead Man Working by Carl Cederstrom and Peter Fleming. Cederstrom and Fleming describe the world of corporatised work as the "land of the living dead" in which the motifs and symbols of resistance to work - as well as biopower, the key characteristic of our humanity - have been co-opted by corporatism to trap humans in an endless regime of pointless and unfulfilling labour.


Cederstrom, Carl, and Fleming, Peter, Dead Man Working.  Alresford; Zero Books, 2012. 

May 5, 2017

Episode 2 - The Theology of Work


In this episode we will explore the necessity for the Church to develop a systematic theology of work, using as our lens an encounter between Jesus and a crippled woman as told in The Gospel According to Luke.



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May 1, 2017

Episode 1 - Welcome to Ergasia


In this introductory episode, we learn the meaning of Ergasia, unpack some of the basic motivations behind this podcast, and sketch an outline of future episodes.