In this episode of Ergasia, we conclude our exploration of the book Hard Work Never Killed Anybody: How The Idolisation of Work Sustains This Deadly L...View Details

When our eyes are opened to the ways in which the idol of hard work disguises its complicity in the deaths of people sacrificed to its demands; and wh...View Details

In this episode of Ergasia, we conclude our two-part examination of the ways in which the experience of those who have been harmed by modernity's cons...View Details

If the prophetic imagination is evoked by the process of deep listening, how can the wisdom gained by this listening result in the integration of the ...View Details

After a long delay, Ergasia is back - and in this episode, we continue our exploration of the book Hard Work Never Killed AnyBody: How The Idolisation...View Details

Friends:I know it's been a while since the last episode went to air. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I have not been able to work on a new episode...View Details

How is the silencing of the justice claims of those harmed by modernity's construction of work and economy linked to a widespread culture of forgettin...View Details

In today's episode of Ergasia, we look at the economic factors operating within work-related trauma, injury, and death. Who bears the economic cost wh...View Details

In today’s episode, we will look at the underlying principles that often govern the church’s approach to pastoral care, and how the often congregation...View Details

In this episode of Ergasia, we continue the exploration of the book Hard Work Never Killed Anyone: How the Idolisation of Work Sustains this Deadly Li...View Details

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